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Friday, September 4, 2009



From request on, I reviewed

This blog is genuine work from the author. Articles are written after a lot of homework and background analysis. This blog is based on prophets, prophecy, religion (Hinduism) and super natural powers. I am very much impressed with the articles. All articles are neatly written and are very comprehensive. Author will never deviate from the core of topic and will complete it with all necessary citation and references.

Michel De Nostradame widely known as NOSTRADAMUS was born on 23 December 1503,he
studied to become a doctor from the universities of Avignon and Montpelier in
France.His family background according to some experts can be traced to the
Jewish tribe of Issachar ,the tribe which according to legend could for tell the
future by studying the heavenly bodies.His prophecies were first published in
1568 about two years after his death.
Nostradamus had an in born gift of
prediction,he was not only a clairvoyant but an audiovoyant as well.The method
he used to go into the future has been described in his prophecies.

Breath is the essence of life and as stated in the Bhagwat Geeta when there is
total concentration on breath one bridges the gap between two breaths,and life
source in the breath goes to those parts of the body where they are most
needed,concentration on the breath frees the mind of the thought process and
thus the life energy is freed to be used for its natural purpose.The breath thus
freed rejuvenates the entire body,the blood,the cells and accelerates the
process of divine body divine mind.

It is worth mentioning here that the author has written a lot on Nostradamus (famous prophet from ancient time), his prophecies and predictions. All the work on Nostradamus is original, and I really admire the depth of work done by the author on Nostradamus. Similarly, he has written a lot on meditation and Hinduism. Although, the author is not bounded to Hinduism and has covered an article on Jesus Christ, which is worth reading.

Language is very simple but still vivid. Considering the complexity of the topic, author has managed to narrate it simply. Use of proper citation and references from other books and epics has made the articles look genuine and closer to topic.

Frequency of posting is very decent. After starting the blog just a few month back, author has managed to accumulate a handful of good articles. He is maintaining 10+ posts a month, which is good. If you like to read super natural and power of meditation, please become a follower of this blog.

Look of the site is pleasant and all articles are decorated with two 3D images, without fail. I felt proper punctuation missing from articles, which need improvisation. Author will continue writing without any commas. Paragraphs are also very big in size and needs to cut in small pieces. Author should also consider breaking down the articles in small heading, this will help the readers in reading long articles without getting tired.

I will go with 8 out of 10 for, this blog is certainly ahead from other blogs which I reviewed recently for its original work and research contents.

Url -
Category - Prophets and prophecy, meditation, super naturals, religion
My Rating - 8 out of 10
Pros - Original and genuine work, Very simple and clear language, Decent frequency
Areas to improve - Use proper punctuations



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