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Saturday, September 5, 2009


As a request on a I reviewed, this is certainly a very interesting and out of this world blog. Very seriously written on totally unknown matter. The blogger claims himself as a demon and describes about hell, he also describes things of our world using the same specs coming from hell.

This blog is certainly worth following. If you are interested in fictions, this is a different kind of fantasy for you. Author is writing very frequently, so you will get at least one post every day (based on trends seen recently). All the posts are humorous in nature and very interesting too.

My first day on Earth. I appeared somewhere in the city of what must be Strasbourg. Everything is so confusing, especially humans. Good news is that they don't seem to see me - I can walk around, listen to their thoughts and whatch their minds without them noticing me. Bad news is that their minds are really, really strange.
Posts are interesting in nature. Although, the topic is totally imaginary, but it matches our lives so much. He is speaking truth using a different point of view. All the posts are based on human emotions, and the description is very real.

Language of author is descriptive and sounds like he is teaching us. Overall he is describing his own created philosophies.

Frequency of the posting is decent, author is posting fast and all the posts are continuous. He follows chapter patter, each new post is a new chapter. I don't know how long he can go with this chapters, but as of date, posts are put as chapters.

The concept and content are original work, you can't see it anywhere else. I always admire original works, and this blog is one I am very happy with. Author has done a lot of analysis before putting the post.

Site look is really nice, a dark theme, which matches the look of hell. I never visited hell, but I feel it should be dark and load, so is the theme of this blog. You can see the image in background, which certainly matches hell as seen on TV. Author is a good designer, he can create small cartoons with lot of labels (like we see in science books). These cartoons looks funny and interesting. If you carefully see it, there is a lot of consideration put together before designing such cartoons.

Good and matching look, nice and humorous content, original work, these all sounds like 8 out of 10. Yes, I am going with 8 out of 10 for Zogg's

Url -
Title - Demon Ink
Author - Zogg (demon from the Second Circle of hell)
Rating - 8 out of 10
Category - Literature - Fiction / Humor

Friday, September 4, 2009

Last 10 blogs reviewed

I have touched 10 reviews mark, here is the list

My favorite of them are -

Get More Traffic By Publishing Articles on Article Directory

Every blogger wants more and more traffic. This is equally true for a professional blogger or personal blogger. No matter you want money from your blog or just want to show off your knowledge, you need some readers and I don't think this greed is wrong, after all we are not blogging for ourselves. If this is the case why blog? Just purchase a diary and go on - oh! so you want to use computers, just create a folder and keep docs as diary pages (don't forget to put the date in filename).

Enough chit chat, coming back to topic, we need visitors, lots of visitor, and again lots of visitors. How to achieve it? My first answer is - WRITE , WRITE GOOD and WRITE A LOT. Keep on writing, a good blog with 100+ posts will never go unnoticed. If you just said "I am already doing that !", my second answer is - market your blog. You need not to spend money (although if you can, I don't mind), you can market it free !

Before proceeding, let me tell you what is an article directory?
Its free publishing service, where you can post your articles. Publishers can publish your article freely on any medium (online or print). The only constraint is they have to publish article -
1. Without any change or modification (even spell check is not permitted). So your article is safe.
2. With signature of author, which contains a brief description of author and few website link, will be published with the article.

Just have a look at and you will get the idea. Although, there are several such directory, just Google it (ok .. ok.. you can also Bing it). If you don't know, let me tell you there are tens thousand of publisher who are article hungry and will publish your article without thinking much.

My Story

Now, I will tell you a story - 3-4 years back, just for fun, I wrote some 5-6 articles and posted on an article directory, I got a logo, pasted in my resume and forgot. Last week, I, just for curiosity, checked the status of all the articles, I was amazed to see that total views of those articles is more than 5 thousand !!! After this kick, I googled the article based on the title, I saw they were published on more than 100 different websites, forums, blogs and even on new letter PDFs. Most interesting point is - with my entire signature, which contains link to my homepage (although, I have stopped posting there).

Benefits of posting your article
They are in bunch, I will suggest few -

1. Get back link to your blog - Put link of your blog in your signature and briefly describe it. You will certainly get 15 sec of fame.

2. Get more targeted audience - Directories are categorized properly, so you will get targeted audience. If your article is getting published, certainly it will be published on site of your niche.

3. Just lend a few articles from your blog - Don't write a new one, just write an article for your blog and publish it, once approved and gone live, put it on back on your blog, this way you will become writer + publisher both. It will take another 24 hours, but let me tell you, its worth waiting that much.

4. Articles will be published on other websites - wait for 2-3 months and you will see your article posted on several other website.

5. Articles will be alive for years ! - Yes !!! I just told you my story. They will live forever. You will get some visitors always. Its a good investment.

6. Get direct visits from directory- Ok, let me tell you how it works, Even if your article is not published, a publisher (or any visitor) reading (or even just passing through) your article, if finds your introduction and signature interesting, will visit your blog.

7. Improves your page rank - yes, if your article is published on another 10 websites, you will get 10 link back + 1 (on the blog directory) link back. If your article is good enough, its nothing. You will get several times better than this.

Few tips

Now, you are excited to post your articles on article directory. I have a word of caution or small suggestion for you.

1. Try to be unique - This is rule number one - be unique. Don't write on what whole world is writing, just read few articles in same niche and see how you are different from other.

2. Target your audience- decide what you are going to write, on which topic, how much you know about it and how to make it interesting. Categorize it properly, most of the publisher will search articles based on certain niche.

3. Select your signature carefully - You have just a few words to be written in signature, you can put 2 to 3 links. So, its very tight. Write very interesting and to-the-point signature. Carefully choose links. This is very important, you can get good visits if your signature is interesting.

4. Be Aware ! you are not blogging- So avoid personal details, conversation type language. Its article not your blog post. Write like a scholar writing in exams (in my country, you have long answering questions asked in exams, I don't know if you have ever done it). On blog we always follow conversation tone - like we are talking with the reader, avoid this, it doesn't look professional.

5. Organize your article properly- Don't just narrate, use proper headings. Make sure your article looks like an essay. Also, don't forget to bold the headings. Your article should look good even if just looked at it. Mostly publishers are not going to waste more than 10-20 seconds to decide. The best way is to enumerate points on your articles, it looks very professional.

6. Double check your spelling and grammar - Yes, because a small typo (or even several) is fairly admissible on blogs, but not in article. It will simply kill the beauty, and on top of it, publisher cant even modify a typo (as per rule). So, triple check before posting.


I hope you will utilize this free and better way of marketing your blog. This magic will take 3-4 months to really give you some returns. By that time your blog will also get some maturity.

Happy blogging !!

Writing Blog Comments Equals Free Targeted Traffic BY Robert Eilers

You may be overlooking a free source of targeted traffic and not know it. Leaving comments on blogs can bring you great free targeted traffic. Not just from the back link that you can leave which helps with your ranking in the search engines but also from people clicking on that link.
There is a strategy that you'll have to employ though. I'm not talking about spamming blogs though. Don't ever do that. Spamming sucks. If you have a blog you'll know what I'm talking about. Spamming is wrong so don't do it. Now I got that out of the way, let's see how we can get that fee targeted traffic.

If you don't already have blogs that you subscribe to, go to Google or your favorite search engine and type in your niche. Be sure to include the word blog or blogs (example: cat blogs). You can do a search for each of your keywords as well. If you have a cat web site you could do searches for cat blog, cat lover blog, cat toys blog, cat food blog etc. This way any traffic is going to be automatically targeted to your niche.

So how is that traffic going to get to your site? Most blog comments allow you to create a link to a web site. The usual comment form will include your name, email, web site and comment areas. When you type in a web site your name will be made into a link to your web site in that comment. It's a beautiful thing.

The important thing when finding a blog to comment on is to find one you really want to comment on. You can't write a comment like "Good post. Enjoyed it." That is not going to get you traffic. In order to get someone to click on your link you have to give him or her a reason. This is done by writing good relevant content in your comment. You don't have to write a whole article but a creative short paragraph about the blog post will cause people to want to read more of what you have to say.

Most people have a hard time of writing anything so the best way is if you have an opinion that can add to the authors post then write it. Even if you disagree with what the author has written don't be afraid to write that. Be careful that you don't get nasty or rude if you disagree. That could turn readers off. That means no traffic. Make your comment relevant to the post and interesting to the reader and they will click your link.

Something else you want to look at when posting comments is how old the post is. If the post is more than a couple months old don't worry about it. Most times if they are that old they are lost underneath the more recent posts. Focus on the posts that are on the first or second page of the blog. These posts will get the most views over time.

Get in the habit of posting comments on blogs everyday. The more links you have out there the better. Also try to post on the same blogs. This will grow a relationship with the author of the blog as well as the visitors to that blog. The more people see you the more comfortable they will be with you and see you as an expert thus clicking on that link all the more.

Robert Eilers is a regular guy on an adventure into internet marketing. You can keep up with his adventures and gain valuable tips along the way at his website where he has many resources and video tutorials.

Article Source:

Increase Blog Traffic - 7 Article Writing Tip to Attract More Blog Visitors BY Keith Goodrum

Writing articles is an great way to increase blog traffic for free. You are only out a few minutes of your time, and won't cost you a cent. Writing blog posts and articles are very similar.
Articles still work... Articles still work... Articles still work. Hope you get the point. I still get traffic from articles I wrote months ago.

Check out these 7 tips to make bring more visitors to your Blog...

1. Headlines are critical - It has been said that on average 5 times as many people will read your headline than reads your article. Your headline is the most important part of any article. That's why you should spend as much time on your headline as your article.

2. Make sure your article delivers - This belongs right below the headline tip. You have to make sure the article delivers on the promise of the headline. If not, you will lose your reader fast. Wasting the opportunity to get people to check out your blog.

3. Make use of your keywords - The best way to find targeted traffic is to find the keywords they are using. People are typing in words and phrases in the search engines looking for answers to their questions. These are the keywords you need to include in your articles to attract your ideal readers.

4. Pay attention to your numbers - Most article directories will have some kind of analytics program. It will show things like how many times it's been read, click through rates and times published. You can get valuable information from these numbers. Like which articles are the most read, highest Click through rate. Making it easier to write more content which is working best.

5. Rewrite a blog post - Not sure what to write about? Try rewriting a blog post. This is one of the easiest ways to re-purpose your content. Make sure you change it enough to avoid duplicate content, and you should be OK.

6. Limit links in resource box - The links you include in your resource box are the reason you are writing the article in the first place. You only have this one chance to motivate readers to check out your site. It's best to only give them one choice, and it should be to your blog.

7. Your resource box is the most valuable real estate - The whole purpose of writing articles is to bring in more visitors. This is your one and only chance to get them there. Resist the temptation to brag about yourself here, and invite the reader to learn more about you by visiting you website.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to Zero To Hero step-by-step traffic generation ebook when you visit
From Keith Goodrum - The Zero To Hero Blog Guy
Article Source:



From request on, I reviewed

This blog is genuine work from the author. Articles are written after a lot of homework and background analysis. This blog is based on prophets, prophecy, religion (Hinduism) and super natural powers. I am very much impressed with the articles. All articles are neatly written and are very comprehensive. Author will never deviate from the core of topic and will complete it with all necessary citation and references.

Michel De Nostradame widely known as NOSTRADAMUS was born on 23 December 1503,he
studied to become a doctor from the universities of Avignon and Montpelier in
France.His family background according to some experts can be traced to the
Jewish tribe of Issachar ,the tribe which according to legend could for tell the
future by studying the heavenly bodies.His prophecies were first published in
1568 about two years after his death.
Nostradamus had an in born gift of
prediction,he was not only a clairvoyant but an audiovoyant as well.The method
he used to go into the future has been described in his prophecies.

Breath is the essence of life and as stated in the Bhagwat Geeta when there is
total concentration on breath one bridges the gap between two breaths,and life
source in the breath goes to those parts of the body where they are most
needed,concentration on the breath frees the mind of the thought process and
thus the life energy is freed to be used for its natural purpose.The breath thus
freed rejuvenates the entire body,the blood,the cells and accelerates the
process of divine body divine mind.

It is worth mentioning here that the author has written a lot on Nostradamus (famous prophet from ancient time), his prophecies and predictions. All the work on Nostradamus is original, and I really admire the depth of work done by the author on Nostradamus. Similarly, he has written a lot on meditation and Hinduism. Although, the author is not bounded to Hinduism and has covered an article on Jesus Christ, which is worth reading.

Language is very simple but still vivid. Considering the complexity of the topic, author has managed to narrate it simply. Use of proper citation and references from other books and epics has made the articles look genuine and closer to topic.

Frequency of posting is very decent. After starting the blog just a few month back, author has managed to accumulate a handful of good articles. He is maintaining 10+ posts a month, which is good. If you like to read super natural and power of meditation, please become a follower of this blog.

Look of the site is pleasant and all articles are decorated with two 3D images, without fail. I felt proper punctuation missing from articles, which need improvisation. Author will continue writing without any commas. Paragraphs are also very big in size and needs to cut in small pieces. Author should also consider breaking down the articles in small heading, this will help the readers in reading long articles without getting tired.

I will go with 8 out of 10 for, this blog is certainly ahead from other blogs which I reviewed recently for its original work and research contents.

Url -
Category - Prophets and prophecy, meditation, super naturals, religion
My Rating - 8 out of 10
Pros - Original and genuine work, Very simple and clear language, Decent frequency
Areas to improve - Use proper punctuations


Napalm Nick's Nutty Blog of Nastiness -


After getting a direct request, I reviewed Napalm Nick's Nutty Blog of Nastiness - This blog is new and author writes on humor, mostly coming from less discussed but interesting topics.

Post are based on narrated humor, the author keeps on narrating a particular thing and in turn makes it funny. I read review of a old movie, which is really good. Actually he chose such a movie which is funny starting from the its name. If you read few articles of this blog, you will definitely love them. Language of author is very lively and it will keep you excited. Although, there is adult content warning while entering the blog, I don't see much objectionable language on this blog.

I feel that Nick sometimes elaborate thing a bit too much and there is lack of continuity in it. Most of the articles are very abstract in nature and sometimes go beyond understandability of the reader. Especially, he is bad in selecting title of posts. But this is Ok as the niche chosen by the author is literature.

It seems Nick has very recently taken his blog writing seriously, so we can see most of the posts posted recently. If he continues this recent frequency, we can expect several good articles soon. In my opinion, Nick should go on hunting few more low budget (especially Horror) movies and review them. He is very good in that.

If you are looking for a good read in humor, I will recommend this blog. Blog of this Young writer certainly deserves a visit.

Look of site is average, but I think author should consider using light and pleasant color combination. Reading for a long time (and that is required as articles are large in size), its really a pain in ... eyes .... I feel the author has chosen this dark theme based on the nature of topics, but a more cool and comfortable theme is required. There is no problem with organization of gadgets. The organization of blog is very neat, its clear and easy to use.

I will go with 7 out of 10 for Nick's, I hope if author can manage another 10 such articles I can go for another 1 point. As still lot to cone from Nick, I feel, its quite achievable .

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